Dental Tourism

Embracing the Rise of Dental Tourism

In recent years, the phenomenon of dental tourism in Bangalore has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity. This burgeoning trend owes its ascent to the city’s impeccable infrastructure, the allure of exotic locales within and around Bangalore, and the enchanting climatic conditions it offers.

A substantial contingent of patients now opt for Bangalore as their destination to access unparalleled medical services of the highest caliber. Among these comprehensive offerings, a significant proportion is drawn to the prospect of enhancing their dental health. At Ivory Smiles, we extend a warm embrace to patients hailing from diverse corners of the globe, and our unwavering commitment is devoted to providing exceptional dental care coupled with genuine compassion.

Traveling to Bangalore for dental treatments? Here’s why Ivory Smiles is the best destination for your dental treatments

  • Comprehensive dental treatments with the shortest amount of waiting time.
  • Planning treatments with minimal downtime which allow you to continue with the local tours and travels.
  • Assistance with the treatment plan over a e mail conversation/Skype calls/face time to help you plan their trip better.
  • Excellent sterilization facility which constantly get upgraded to match up with the world standards.
  • Dental services are rendered by the best hands in that particular field.
    We are transparent with the prices and the approximate prices are conveyed to the you before the start of the treatments.
  • Close proximity to Bangalore best hospitals like Columbia Asia,Narayana Hrudyalaya,Sakra World Hospitals,making sure dental treatments can also be carried out while they come for other ailments too.

Our Services

  • Cosmetic dental procedures-laser teeth whitening, cosmetic veneers, CAD/CAM zirconia crowns ,eMax crowns, aesthetic composite restorations.
  • Periodontal surgeries-flap surgery,bone regeneration and grafting, advanced regenerative procedures.
  • Dental implants-tooth in a day concept, full mouth implants-all on 4/all on 6 with immediate loading,implant supported dentures.
  • Clear aligners systems like Invisalign – our Invisalign specialists keep in touch with international patients through regular e-mail follow ups and facetime/Skype calls while they are away.
  • General dentistry-ultrasonic cleaning,restorations/cavity fillings,extractions,intra oral x rays, OPG etc

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High Quality Equipment

Exceptional care delivered with superior dental equipment

Advanced Painless Dentistry

Experience dental care without discomfort through advanced painless techniques

Comfortable Office

Calm, cozy clinic setting for your comfort

Friendly Staff

Warm, caring team for a welcoming experience

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