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Enhancing Smiles with Expert Orthodontic Care

Orthodontics is an integral part of the comprehensive dental care we provide at ivory smiles. Many people judge us based on our smile and ultimately our teeth,therefore even the small things matter.

At ivory smiles we offer orthodontic services by a panel of orthodontists who are experts in their fields and provide optimum care with the least discomfort. We lay a lot of emphasis on the first consultation with the orthodontist,as they sit down and understand your dental needs and not just propose treatments that they feel is required. We understand that all smiles are unique and each patients has different requirements about their smile.

What can u expect from ur ortho consultation

  • The orthodontist always takes enough time to understand the current status of your teeth and associated dental conditions
  • They take a series of professional photographs-both extra oral and intra oral with orthodontic mirror and retractors
  • After which they sit down in our consultation cabins and analyse your dentition.The extra oral photos are helpful for both the orthodontist and the patient to understand facial profiles and what improvements can be achievable. Our orthodontist only set realistic expectations
  • Post this sessions, the range of treatment services available is discussed and a treatments plan is proposed by our specialists

Orthodontic services available

  • Metal braces/ceramic braces
  • Self ligating braces-metal/ceramic
  • Orthdoontic appliances
  • Fixed retainers/removable retainers/transparents or essix retainers

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