How To Choose The Right Toothbrush For Yourself ?

One of the earliest habits that we develop as a kid is brushing. It is the very first step in the maintenance of oral health. Brushing teeth twice daily for at least 2 minutes is the key to maintaining good oral hygiene. Regular brushing not only removes plaque but also prevents gum diseases. Therefore, it is important to choose the right toothbrush for yourself and follow proper brushing techniques for good dental health.

Apart from plaque removal, an effective toothbrush should also not cause any unnecessary damage to the delicate tissues of the gum. The following factors must be considered while buying a new toothbrush:

  • Choose a brush that can comfortably reach the back of your molars. Consider the shape of your mouth (wide/narrow) as it will affect how easily a given brush can reach your molars.
  • The uncomfortable handle of the toothbrush may result in faulty ways of brushing. The handle should be wide enough and also soft with a good grip. Go for a brush with an appropriately sized handle. For example, for a person with a very narrow/ small mouth, a small toothbrush with a wider handle might be comfortable.
  • A toothbrush with a head width of 0.50-inch and 1-inch height can be used by most people. However, if you’ve had issues with standard toothbrushes, opt for a slightly bigger or slightly smaller toothbrush.
  • Also, check the bristles. Opt for softer bristles than harder ones. The hard bristles may cause recession of gums and can expose the root causing sensitivity. Also, the usage of hard-bristled toothbrushes for a long period of time may result in eroded enamel, especially near the gum line.
  • While picking a toothbrush, look for the one with more number of bristles. The more bristles, the better the cleaning would be.(we highly recommend the curaprox 5460 brush at ivory smiles )
  • A toothbrush with added features can serve multiple purposes. For example, to combat bad breath due to coating on the tongue, a toothbrush with a tongue cleaner would be the best choice. If you’re environmentally conscious, you may want a toothbrush that’s easily recyclable and made from organic materials.
  • Although there is not much difference between an electronic toothbrush and the regular one, a powered brush can be used by kids as it may motivate them to brush for the required length of time without much effort. Electronic toothbrushes tend to be more expensive than regular toothbrushes, and the heads need to be replaced every three to four months.
  • People who require assistance in brushing, such as those with arthritis (or any condition that may limit mobility), or anyone wearing braces, or people with misaligned or uneven teeth surfaces that make a thorough cleaning more challenging may opt for electronic toothbrushes.
  • Once the bristles are frayed, it is time to get a new toothbrush. Make sure to replace your toothbrush (or toothbrush head with a powered toothbrush) as soon as the bristles begin to look worn out, which is usually in 3-4 months.
  • Always remember to get a new toothbrush after an illness.

As dentists, we get a lot of questions from our patients on which is the best toothbrush a manual and an electric one. Here are some comparisons which could help you choose which one is right for u.

Manual Vs Electric toothbrush:

Manual toothbrushElectric toothbrush
Manual toothbrushes are affordable.Powered toothbrushes are relatively expensive.
People with limited dexterity in their hands might not be able to use it effectively.Can be used by people of all age groups and also with those with limited dexterity of the limbs.
The pressure applied on the teeth and gums cannot be controlled, causing loss of enamel or gum recession.The pressure applied is controlled. However, the brushing technique is not the same as manual brushing.
The time taken to brush may vary.Powered brushes have a built-in timer, which facilitates effective cleaning.
Cannot be used in people undergoing orthodontic treatment. special orthodontic brushes will be required for effective cleaning.Powered brushes can be used efficiently in orthodontic patients.
Manual brushes are easily availablePowered brushes may not be as easily available as manual toothbrushes
When required to replace, a new brush has to be bought.Just the head of the electric brush needs replacement once frayed. Hence, it reduces waste.

Toothbrushes are more effective at plaque removal mainly from the surface of the teeth. Therefore, it is also important to incorporate flossing in the dental routine, as it helps in the removal of plaque in between teeth. Although brushing can remove plaque, it can still not remove hardened plaque/ tartar (calculus). Therefore, make sure to visit your dentist regularly to get a professional cleaning/scaling.

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