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Invisalign Vs Braces | is invisalign better than braces?

is invisalign better than braces?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with aligning the teeth. One might consider correcting their misaligned teeth mainly for esthetic purpose. Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile? But, did you know that crooked teeth can result in bad oral hygiene? If the teeth are crowded, it becomes almost impossible to brush efficiently, thus, causing gum problems and bad oral health. Misaligned teeth may also result in temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) problems, if left untreated.

Conventionally, the orthodontic treatment was done using braces. Generally two types of braces are used: metal and ceramic. Gone are the days when crooked teeth were fixed with metal braces. The metal braces are so unaesthetic and uncomfortable for the patient that braces are usually considered a painful dental treatment, thus resulting in the patients totally avoiding the orthodontic treatment. Invisalign Braces has completely revolutionized the dental world. Invisalign Braces uses custom-made clear trays to straighten teeth without the use of the typical metal braces. Now, the patients can choose between the metal or ceramic braces and the Invisalign.

how do invisalign braces work

A series of clear plastic teeth aligners are fabricated for the patient. These teeth aligners help shift the teeth into the proper position over a time period. The patient must continue wearing the set of teeth aligners for a specified period of time. By the end of treatment, the misaligned teeth are shifted to their proper positions, thus, restoring form and function.

Who can opt for Invisalign?

Most of the orthodontic corrections can be done using Invisalign. It can be used to treat the following:

Crowded teeth

Gap between the teeth





Or to generally straighten the teeth

However, it is essential to consult an orthodontist specialized in Invisalign Braces to know the treatment feasibility. Invisalign teen is specially made for the teenagers. Also, people with gum problems can go ahead with Invisalign Braces treatment unlike conventional braces.

How does one get started with invisalign???

Steps in treatment planning

The orthodontist scans the patient’s teeth with a digital scanner(iTero). After the scanning, it is possible to see the result of your treatment using simulation. Therefore, the shift in the teeth throughout the treatment can be assessed by the orthodontist at the outset. The patient can also see the outcome of the treatment even before actually starting the treatment.

The teeth aligners are then sent for fabrication. They are custom-made as per your teeth structure and gum margins. These teeth aligners are checked for quality before sending to the patients.The teeth aligners are made in such a way that mild force is applied everytime you wear them so that the teeth could be moved to the final position without causing major discomfort to the patient.

Why Invisalign over conventional braces?

Firstly, these are clear teeth aligners. Hence, the esthetic factor is not compromised. The patient can wear anytime. It is perfect for anybody who does not want metal braces spoiling their smile. It can be worn at school, college, work and no one would come to know about your dental treatment.

Secondly, it is very comfortable compared to the conventional braces. There is no restriction in eating the food that you like as Invisalign can be removed while eating. Also, there is no requirement of special orthodontic brushes as you can brush with the regular brushes and wear the teeth aligners after brushing.

Thirdly, the number of dental appointments drastically reduces with Invisalign braces. Although at no point of time the patient would be on their own, the patient does not have to visit the orthodontist every month for adjusting the wires as with metal braces. However, the patient may be called in for reviews from time to time or they can contact the orthodontist anytime they have any issue. The complete set of teeth aligners would be handed over to you during the initial appointments. The patient will be educated about the time when the subsequent teeth aligners should be used. So basically, the orthodontic treatment would be going on and the patient can still travel, work or relax at the comfort of his/her home.

How much would invisalign braces cost?

Compared to the conventional braces, it is definitely on the pricier side. However, it is not possible to quote a particular amount as the cost depends on the complexity and duration of the treatment. The orthodontist assesses each case and plans the treatment after which the cost can be decided. So, your orthodontist would be the best person to consult regarding the price. However, it is definitely worth the cost as Invisalign requires no changes in lifestyle, no frequent dental visits but still providing results similar to that of the conventional braces.

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